Special gifts

Special gifts

There is always a bowl of fresh fruit waiting in the apartment as well as coffee, tea and some food basics.We like to indulge our guests with little gifts that will make their stay even more special. We print original inZagreb postcards with humorous motifs (the artist is a friend of ours, Koraljka Polacek) that each guest receives on arrival.

For those who stay with us a bit longer (7 days and more), there is a bottle of nice Croatian red wine wrapped in a fancy crimson coloured neck-tie. Did you know that the neck-tie was invented in Croatia in the 17th century? More

Gingerbread heart is another little surprise which comes from Zagorje region, on the other side of the mountain Medvednica, and used to be given as a love token to your sweetheart.

We also have special gift for the little ones – an authentic Croatian wooden whistle from the little village called Laz, just North from Zagreb. These wooden toys as well as gingerbread hearts are now under protection of Unesco!